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All students in Department of Electrical Engineering - ITS have the same opportunity to joint the double degree program. Compulsory requirements include GPA > 3.0 of 4.00 and TOEFL score as requested by the partnert university.

  1. Double Degree of Bachelor Engineering with Fontys University, Netherlands
    • Students take the first 6 semesters in ITS. They comes to Netherlands for the remaining 2 semesters. Students receive 2 certificates, from ITS and Fontys University (
    • This program has been started since 2007

     Fontys University of Applied Sc. - Netherland


  3. Double Degree Master Engineering with Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences – Germany
    • The first year is held at ITS, then the second year is in Germany
    • Two certificates of master degree will be awarded, issued by ITS and Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences
    • This program has been commenced in 2006. Morethan 10 students have received the double degree.

      FH Darmstadt University of Applied Sc - Germany

  5. Double Degree for PhD program with Kumamoto University - Japan
    • at least one year in the home (partner) university
    • At least 2 years in the host university
    • Students shall pass the entrance examination held in both universities
    • When the students meet the requirements of each university, the students will receive 2 certificates, issued by ITS and Kumamoto University respectively. 

 Kumamoto Univ - Japan 


  • 1965 – 1970 : Eindhoven University, the Netherlands
    Development of education system for the department, development of staff
  • 1990s : continuing program with Eindhoven University, the Netherlands
    Research on KU band in Indonesia
  • 2003-2006 : Saga University – Japan
    Training on ICT (Information Communication Technology) field for Postgraduate students and lecturers
  • 2006 : Oulu University – Finland in FIND Project
    Student and lecturer Exchange program on ICT field
  • 2006 – 2010 : JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) for PREDICT , Project of Research and Education Development on Information Communication Technology
    • Joint Research between ITS and Japanese Universities, including Kumamoto University, Hiroshima University, Saga University
    • To implement laboratory Based Education SystemIn 2006/2007, successfull researchers to receive the grant are:
      • Dr. Gamantyo H – Antena and propagation Lab (with Matsushima Lab Kumamoto Univ, Japan)
      • Dr. Mochamad Ashari – Energy Conversion Lab (with Takashi Hiyama Lab, Kumamoto Univ, Japan)
    • In 2007/2008, other 4 laboratories of department of Electrical Engineering ITS has collaborated with Japanese Universities (Kumamoto University, Saga University and Hiroshima University) include:
      • Prof. Abdullah Alkaff – System Engineering lab (with Kumamoto Univ, Japan)
      • Dr. Wirawan – Multimedia Communication Lab (with Kumamoto Univ, Japan)
      • Dr. Djoko Purwanto – Industrial Electronics Lab (with Saga Univ, Japan)
      • Dr. Mochamad Hariadi – Telematics lab (with Hiroshima Univ, Japan)
    • In 2008/2009, other 4 laboratories of department of Electrical Engineering ITS has collaborated with Japanese Universities include:
      • Prof. A. Jazidie – ControlEngineering lab (with Kumamoto Univ, Japan)
      • Dr. A. Affandi - Telecommunication Network Lab (with Kumamoto Univ, japan)
      • Dr. M. Rivai - Electronics Lab (with TIT Univ, japan)
      • Dr. Adi Soeprijanto - Power Simulation lab (with Kumamoto Univ, japan)