Domestic Cooperation



 1. Program S1 Dikmenjur

Collaboration between ITS and Department of National Education of Indonesia, especially Directorat general for High School and Vocational. It includes improvements of quality for vocational high school teachers. They involve in Engineering for Industrial applications in ITS, instead of taking bachelor program in Engineering for Education. 
Dept of Electrical Engineering ITS receives 22 teachers from all Indonesian areas. It was begun in 2006.

2. Program S1 Depag

Collaboration between ITS and Department of Religion for students from "pesantren" (senior high school combined with Religion) to pursue bachelor program in ITS. The objective is to produce engineers with also having high competent in religion. It is started in 2006, where Dept of Electrical Engineering ITS receives 4 students.

3. Program S2 Game Technology - PKLN

Collaboration between ITS and Beareu Planning and Overseas Collaboration (PKLN), Dept. of National Education - Indonesia . The scholarships are provided for students or senior high school teachers from district or province of Indonesia to pursue master of Electrical Engineering, especially in Game Technology. Game Technology involves graphics design and computer engineering. The targets includes providing resources who are capable to translate high school teaching materials into game and animation for computer software. In 2008, students in this program are 110.

4. Program S2 Telematika Depkominfo

Collaboration between ITS - Dept of Communication and Information (Depkominfo) of Indonesia. The goal is to improve the local (district or province) resources in Information and Communication capabilities, by pursuing Master of Engineering in telematics. This includes government employees, polices, soldiers. Depkominfo provides  scholarship for the tuition fees of 16 months or 4 semesters, but not included the living allowances. It shall be provided by the institution where the candidate works.



Competition Grants have been received by Dept. of Electrical Engineering - ITS. The grants are for educational, research and staff development, such as:

- ADB I (1980)

- ADB II (1995)

- TPSDP (2003-2007)

- JICA - Predict (2006-2010)

- Program Hibah Kompetisi Institusi (PHKI, 2008)



Cooperation with indutries has been established in the area of power electrical engineering, telecommunication and electronics, computers and industrial automation.


  • Survey and Feasibility Study
    • Power plan, renewable energy, diesel generator
    • System distribution and transmission
  • Basic and Detail Design of Power Systems
  • Power System Analysis (PSA)
  • Supervision of Power System Installation


    Infrastructure of communication network
  • Development
    Telecommunication system for remote and rural area
  • Design
    • Link communication terrestrial fixed and mobile
    • System and link communication satellite fixed and mobile
  • Package
    TV transmitter, repeater and satellite telephone


  • Multimedia Design
    Database Multimedia System
    Video Surveillance
  • Computer Network Design
    Network System of Novel, NT, Linux (Open System Internetworking), web server, internet server
  • Censoring and Control Development
    To design Sensor dan Interface computer with industrial equipment
  • Database System Development
    • Design and implementation system Database for industry, hospital, government
    • Design and implementation of centralization and distribution Database
  • Mobile Computing
    SMS, mobile phone application
  • Information Technology Training


East Java Province Government
1990-1991, feasibility study of renewable energy for rural and remote area electrification in East Java Province
2East Java Province Government1991-1992, installation of solar home system and diesel generator in 18 Kabupaten Jawa Timur
3Riau Province Government2006, feasibility study of 2x25 MW coal power plan in Rokan Hulu Regency, Riau
4PT Semen Gresik , Tuban
1993-1994, basic design, detail design of electrical system, harmonic filter and power factor correction
5Shangri-la Hotel Surabaya
July 2002 - 2003, design of electrical system for PLN interconnection with the diesel-generators
6PT. Kaltim Daya Mandiri - Bontang
2002-2003, Basic design, detail design of 33kV integration syst.
7Pertamina UP-IV Cilacap
Nov. 2003, Study of power system analysis in Pertamina UP-IV Cilacap
8PT. Kaltim Daya Mandiri - Bontang
2004, relay coordination and load shedding in PT. Pupuk Kaltim
9PT. Conoco Phillips
2005, study of 500 kW motor starting on off shore rig
10PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia
2006, isolation coordination of 13.8kV distribution system
2006, study on power system analysis, audit of electric equipment and training



PT. EMOMI - Paiton
Nov`2003, Electrical Protection System
PT. EMOMI - Paiton
October 2003, Basic Electrical System and High Voltage Eng.
October 2003, Energy conversion and harmonics
4PT. Pusri
2006, PSA software for engineers and basic elect. for operators